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About Forage For Horses

We who work with this website are Trioplast AB and Sara Muhonen:

Trioplast is a Swedish Industry Group with a turnover of 400 million EUR and 1 300 employees and is one of Europe’s leading forces in creative and cost-efficient use of polyethylene within the modern plastic and packaging fields. Trioplast develops, manufactures and distributes packaging materials for industrial and agriculture use, hygiene films as well as special purpose films. You will meet Trioplast products globally and they are represented in all parts of the world. Within the field of agriculture we are committed to increase the efficiency and profitability and improve the sustainability for farmers and contractors working with our products and solutions. Users of Trioplast products for storage of high quality feed can be sure that we never compromise with quality because your values are important to us. For more information please visit us @

Articles and reportages on ForageForHorses are written by AgrD Sara Muhonen who received her postgraduate education at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) with her doctoral thesis ‘Metabolism and Hindgut Ecosystem in Forage Fed Sedentary and Athletic Horses’. After her doctoral work she did her postdoctoral project at USC Nutrition du Cheval Athlète – AgroSup Dijon – INRA, France. Now she runs the company Hästforsk. Sara is also the author of the book ‘Forage for horses – for health and performance’. She has a lifelong passion for horses and especially the trotter and the trotting sport. Find more information about Sara here! aims at having correct and up-dated information and cannot guaranty that the content is complete or up-dated at all times. The material at neither can nor should replace a professional consultation like a veterinary call or individual nutritional counselling. and its cooperation partners are not responsible for economic injury, neither direct or indirect, that can arise from the use of information at